Reviews of Letters From Dark Country

” Adventure”

- Karjalainen -

”Teos, jossa on tunnelmaa”

- Soundi

”Musiikki on erinomaisen nautittavaa”

- Pertti Avola, Helsingin Sanomat -

”Kitara mouruaa, mandoliini maanittelee ja 12-kielinen helisee”

- Jarmo Wallenius, Turun Sanomat -

”…sounds like Eric Clapton/John McLaughlin/Pat Martino was playing a great Allman Bros song!”
”NYC jazz meets Cream”

- Jim Campilongo -

”Melkoinen runsaudensarvi”

- Veli-Matti Henttonen, Salon Seudun Sanomat -

”Universaalia kitaramusiikkkia menneestä maailmasta”

- Salon Seudun Sanomat -

Reviews of Ilkka Rantamäki

”Evokes Hendrix’s Ghost”

Gene Santoro, Guitar World -

”For sheer jaw-dropping guitar heroics, listen Ranblin’ Deep Squat and Show Must Go Home and stand back”

- Bill Milkowski, Guitar World -

”This dynamic music with strong sence of purpose is seasoned with national spirit somewhat in the manner of Pekka Pohjola”

- Tommi Tommola, Jazz in Finland -

”There’s a little echo of Sibelius in mood here”

- Goldmine -


- Rytmi-lehti -

Ilkka Rantamäki is unique among recent electric rock guitar instrumentalists, not just because he’s Finnish, but because he’s taken such a colorfull approach to what has rapidly become a redundant musical style.

No doubt Rantamaki can do the rock thing, as he proves on the goofy nastiness of the title cut. But more intriguing is the orchestral range of his playing and the way he plays through a shround of sounds with particular dynamic and tonal finesse. Cat House’s packaging would make you think it’s another rock instrumental party, but instead it’s a far-reaching and challenging album of world-perspective fusion, from a clever, noteworthy guitarist.

- Buzz Morison, Guitar Magazine -

photographs: Olli Sulin